Mighty Vibe Spotify and Amazon Music Player – Bluetooth & Wired Headphones – 1,000+ Song Storage – No Phone Needed – Black: Home Audio & Theater


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MIGHTY is the first ever device that plays your Spotify and Amazon Music songs and podcasts without a phone, screen, or Internet connection.

THE NEW MIGHTY VIBE is new and improved:

  1. 5+ hours of playback with Bluetooth and wired headphones
  2. Expanded Bluetooth playback range and stronger connectivity
  3. Compatible with all Bluetooth headphones and speakers
  4. Redeveloped mobile app for an intuitive and fast user experience




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    by Evan

    We live with our phones attached (sometimes literally) to our hip and MP3 players have largely disappeared in favor of smartphone streaming apps. Most (myself included) to not keep an updated MP3 library anymore – just playlists. I received this neat little product as a birthday gift – it’s simple and it works well. It reminds me of simpler times. I also enjoy the lack of a visual UI because most of my Spotify usage is random anyway. Plus it’s small and fits easily in a pack or waistband for bike rides and runs!

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    by RoadRunner335is

    I run 3-4 days per week and needed a boost in excitement. I’ve used my iPhone for music and GPS tracking…works well but it’s bulky. So I did a search for Spotify players (didn’t know such a thing existed!) and found the MIghty. I was hesitant about the 3.x rating but figured I could simply return if it proved to be junk. Well, I’m happy to report back that my first run (with Bluetooth earbuds) went well…I will say that it’s a little tricky working with THREE apps on my phone to get everything working…Spotify, the Mighty app and then the app for my earbuds (Jaybird Vista). Add on top of that the bluetooth pairing of the earbuds back and forth – it was interesting. But it certainly works and works well…this is something I’ll be using a lot of.

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    by JD

    OMG this is perfect! I HATE working out with my phone, could never get comfortable with that, I miss my nano lol. I was thinking how perfect a spotify device would be and googled it, and there it was! I just got it today, and followed the set up exactly and it worked like a charm. There were 2 spots that were interesting/confusing, but both were partially my fault :)1. Let the Mighty device charge fully until the light stops blinking before downloading the app. Not sure how it knew, but I could not download the app before it fully charged.2. I put in the wrong network password and it did not display an error, it just did nothing, after trying a couple of time, I double checked, fixed the password, and it connected to my wi-fi.The next test is leaving the house with it, hoping it’s just as awesome!

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    by AlliCap

    I’ve been searching for a super small music player forever. I like to go running on a trail near our house and my husband is big into CrossFit so I was looking for something we could both use. The Mighty is the answer to it all.Super small (check out the pic for size reference) and compact, it’s perfect for not adding bulk when we run or work out, but still allows us to listen to our music.I thought the set up was really cool. Instead of giving you a huge instruction list, they give you a little card (pic attached) that sends you to a website where you can watch videos that walk you through the whole process. So much more intuitive and easy to follow than a paper instruction manual. It helped me get my Mighty set up in minutes after I had it charged up.Battery life has been great for me, no problems. Love that it’s bluetooth compatible with our headphones as well making it that much more convenient. Love it.

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    by Amazon Customer

    This product is so small and portable which makes it great for taking on a run. My phone is so bulky to carry while running but I love to listen to music while exercising which makes the Mighty such a great product. The instructions for set-up seem almost too simple but they go really smoothly. I am excited to use my Mighty in my dance classes I teach. I often want to video with my phone but I am needing to play the music from my phone as well and can not do both at the same time. I can now play the music from the Mighty and video a sequence with my phone. Great gift idea. We bought one last year for our 10 year old and he loves it.

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    by Jerry F Nickodemski

    I am a self-professed Spotify zealot…have been for the last three or four years. I recently bought a Garmin Vivoactive 3 Music watch because I thought it included the Spotify app on the watch. No such luck…other Garmins do, but not the Vivo3.Try Deezer, they said. Try iHeart Radio, they said. Try downloading your own MP3s, they said.No. No. And, yeah…no way.In a recent Runners World magazine, there was a short blurb about the MightyVibe. Cue the epiphany music, rainbows, and sun beams from the clouds above!This thing is AWESOME. I was never an iPod shuffle user, so yeah, learning to understand the device based on the state of the status light was a little bit cumbersome initially, but it is relatively easy to learn. Bemighty’s website is extremely helpful and intuitive; their walk-through videos are spot on. Their customer support services are superb (I got an email — a helpful email — response in less than 12 hours).So, no more phone for me. No more armband. I clip the MightyVibe to my collar, light up my Bluetooth earbuds and run like the wind (okay, that last part is a lie, but you ken my drift, right?).I wish I could give SIX stars here!

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    by Kevin Y.

    If you love Spotify and have even the slightest inclination to detach yourself from your phone every once in a while, then Mighty Vibe is a must have. I bought the first Mighty as well. So far, this bad boy packs the same great functionality with noticeable improvements on Bluetooth connectivity and battery life. One of the best purchases I’ve made in a long time—highly recommend.

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    by GBlago

    If you ever need a small compact music player that directly downloads all of your favorite music on the go, this Mighty Vibe is the product for you. There have been times where I’ve wanted to listen to music without the hassle of holding my phone or dealing with tangled earbuds, lucky this device can solve both of those problems. It is so lightweight and will not tug on your shirt when doing any type of athletic movement. This Mighty Vibe player is such an efficient and on-the-go device for playing music because it’s quick and easy to pull out, can connect to bluetooth devices as well, it’s small and compact, and can hold all of the songs you wish!This Mighty Vibe is unlike any other device! Instead of having to pay for music and download everything, you can sync your spotify account with this device and access all of the playlists you’ve already created! There’s no need for sorting through music or having to pay for music or extra storage, you can download the playlists straight from your spotify account and you don’t need your phone anywhere near in order to listen! I took a trip to Washington DC with my class and we couldn’t bring our phones with us. I brought the mighty vibe with me all the way across the country and was able to listen to music perfectly fine. There are so many things you can use the mighty vibe for, I know that I don’t get as distracted while using the mighty vibe instead of using my phone and it’s a great tool to use when you’re active!The only downside that I would say about the mighty vibe is that the battery life isn’t the best. It’ll probably last 5 hours from a full charge and takes longer to charge. It’s really not a big problem unless you are traveling for a long period of time because 5 hours can be sufficient enough for you to use, and then return with more than enough battery left. Another thing is that it is very small. Although it is convenient and can fit into small places like pockets or clip on to your pants and shirts, It can be easy to misplace and lose so be careful where you put your mighty vibe.In conclusion, this mighty vibe is worth the five-star rating. It makes your life so much easier when you are able to download all of the music and playlists you already have and want in just a simple click of a button. It has features that other devices struggle to have. You don’t have to be near your phone at all in order to listen to music and you can use the type of earbuds that you prefer because it has an earbud jack AND can connect to bluetooth!

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    by Marathon running Pharmacist

    This is very small and light device, charges in about 3-4 hours, gives battery life of 6 hours. Most reviews are for the older model and are bad because it takes time to figure out how to use it., but with the new VIBE with patience and diligence ; it is a very good device. The sound quality is just awesome with or without blue tooth. It takes time for blue tooth to connect to the earphones and that is a chronic problem .. if you use regular earbuds there is no problem. I use both blue tooth and regular and just love it. I had to return it because they send me wrong color, but I did buy it again from the mighty website on Black Friday . Buy this device and be patient. After about 2 weeks of learning how to use it, once you have figured it all out you will love Mighty. I highly recommend it. I use it at work where we are not allowed to take our phones into the facility as a security measure ❤️… so this device is priceless. I refresh my Spotify downloads everyday and have a variety of new music options.

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    by David Ly

    I was one of the first supporters of Mighty, I bought the original from their Kickstarter campaign. It worked pretty well the first few months, but it was a bit finicky to use, the Bluetooth and battery life (3 hours max) were just ok. The idea was amazing, I didn’t have to worry about cracking another screen when working out. It’s just that it wasn’t very good. So when I saw that the Vibe was supposed to fix the issues I had with the original, it was a no-brainer. And so far, I am not disappointed – the battery life is way better (I think I got over 5 hours), Bluetooth connects more reliably, and the new app is a much cleaner design. So far I’m liking the new Mighty Vibe, thank you Mighty for listening to all the complaints and fixing what was broke on the original.

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